Individual Delaware buildings of particular interest

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Please contact me if you have additional information about these buildings 

(date of construction / destruction, exact address, additional usages. etc.)


New City hall dedicated 3 years after the February, 1934 fire that destroyed the old City Hall / Opera House. 


The original town hall and opera house.

Typical turn of the century boilerplate frame post card. I'm sure there were 1000 towns in the midwest that had the same thing.

The fire department outside of Town Hall, 1908

ACME Newspictures, Inc. press photo titled "Heads Up" documenting the dynamiting of the 100ft tall, 55 year old clock tower of the town hall / opera house after being gutted by fire. March 20th 1934.


New York Cash Store, major business on East Winter St. (also commissioned many postcards.)  


YMCA just east of New York Cash Store (also former location of Bargar Jewelry.)

Another view of the same building.


The Allen Hotel, the grand hotel of downtown Delaware - Corner of Sandusky and Winter St., significantly damaged by fire in March, 1944.


C.A. White and Sons Farm Implements.

Quintessential Delaware landmark, the County Court House, and shinning example of mid 19th Century Architecture.

Color view of the court house, apparently later that previous shot, due to what appears to be the library to the north and removal of the cannons.


The old Armory on William St.


At that time, the Frank B Willis High School 


Delaware Farmers Exchange, located on the railroad spur that crossed Sandusky St.

The Sarah Moor home.

Fill up here!! Formerly located at 17 E William St.

Now the BP!

Looks to be a slightly later view than the previous (note the new tree in front.)


Old Cabin that used to stand on the corner of Noble and South St.

Victorian home, unidentified.


Identified as the Hustes home on Lake St.

Identified as Matilda Dongler's Home 1909, no location given.

Home belonging to Marie? No location given.


State Highway Department division headquarters. 


Delaware Underwear Company, founded 1902, on the edge of Delaware Run, now Edgar Hall, part of OWU.  


Classic 19th Century Architecture in Delaware, 54W Lincoln Ave - Sunny Vee Nursing home, at one time connected by tunnel to home that is now Chi Phi Fraternity.   


Previously stood on Sandusky St. (though I think maybe it was on Central, I've seen another picture identifying it as being located on East Main St.) Formerly the residence of G.E. Hills and Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. 


The place that my family spent their first night in Delaware (pets allowed!), the El Siesta Motel.


Early view of the El Siesta.


"The Union House", location unknown - possibly on North Sandusky St.  or Union St? 

Presumably a meeting house for G.A.R. (Union) Veterans of the Civil War.


The old Library built by endowment from Andrew Carnegie, now home to the county emergency response services.


Interior of the old Library

Originally Alpha Tau Omega, now the Unitarian Fellowship.

Originally the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.

Originally the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

Originally the Phi Gamma house, now a private residence on North Washington St.

Originally the Delta Tau house, now multiple residences at Franklin and Griswold.

One of Delaware's three train stations (Pennsylvania and Hocking Valley being the other two)

Advertisement for the Big Four line.

Big Four wreck between Columbus and Delaware.

Train on the tracks between Columbus and Delaware, from negative.


Pennsylvania Station. 


Hocking Valley Passenger Station.


Big 4 Round House and Repair Shops. 

Located on the Corner of Lincoln Ave and N. Franklin Street, dedicated November 16th, 1890.


Another shot of Asbury. 


The Aged Peoples Home, previously located on the NE corner of William St and Union St. This was the precursor to the Sarah Moore Home. The home pictured immediately to the east was the Bookman home. Thanks to Tim Flahive for the information about this building which was a mystery to me.

The Children's home, located on North Sandusky if I remember correctly. 


Delaware High School, now Willis Intermediate School before the fire of 1929 destroyed the towers and other architectural highlights (there was also a fire in 1910, this postcard is dated 1913.)

Early 20th century class photo, no indication of exact year.


First Presbyterian Church, located next to the old Delaware High School.  


Jane Case Hospital on Winter and Franklin, now the Andrew's House


Early view of Grady Hospital, originally also called Jane Case.  

Delaware Springs Sanitarium, home to the Osteopathic institution in Ohio was founded by Dr. L.A. Bumstead. 


The healing waters of Delaware were quite renowned.  


West School - Boardman I think was its new name.

East School Delaware Ohio

William St. Church, destroyed by fire January 30th, 1971

A link to photos that my grandfather Max Bargar took the next morning



Interior of William St. Church before the fire.

Cyclone (tornado) damage to an unidentified Delaware Church, 1912


New School Building at Girls Industrial Home, located near Rathbone on the west side of the Scioto near Home road.


"Cottage" number 8 at Girls Industrial Home.

More of the Campus

On site hospital at the Girl Industrial Home



35 Modern Rooms, swimming pool, dining room, and lounge at the intersection of Rt. 23 & Rt. 42, the Campbell House Motel.

At the time, Pure Oil, listed as Sandusky and South St. This was located at Sandusky and London Rd. This photo was an internal promotional 8x10 made by Pure Oil.