Delaware County Landmarks

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This one is just to fun to not have at the top of the page. Only identified as Delaware, Ohio (no names, date, or exact location.) Four guys, nine beers, two buggies, and a horse wearing a hat!

Not sure where this was, but I'm fairly sure its no longer there - possibly near the water facility north of town.

It has been suggested that this mill may be located south of town on the east side of the Olentangy River, though it is not the Bieber mill.

Olentangy Indian Caverns never looked so stylish!


Public square in Sunbury after the fall of an old elm tree. 


The "old stone house" is all I know.


Fort Cheshire, a War of 1812 era block house located where the Alum Creek State Park Campgrounds are now.

Depot St. Condit Ohio



Ashley apparently was known for rolling hills about 100 years ago - Did ODOT remove them to put in Rt 42? I'd love to make a collection of how many towns used this same image for their "greetings from" card! 

ashley ohio
High Street, Ashley Ohio

Another view of the same block in Ashley.

Downtown Ashely, High St.

Unusual image of downtown Ashley, apparently these buildings replaced ones that burned down in the first few years of the 20th century. 

A large tent set up, could it be the circus came to Ashley? From the looks of clothing and people, its probably a tent revival, appears to be between the ribbon factory and town hall.

Big Four depot in Ashley, North of Delaware's Big Four Depot

The line that runs parallel to Rt 42

Entrance to Wolley Park

Wolley Park in Ashley.

Lake Tiberius, Wolley Park, Ashley Ohio


Residential section of West High Street. Ashley.

Residential section of East High Street. Ashley.

A group in front of an Ashely church. c 1910

A more distant view of the same church

At the time, Ashley High School, 1907

Residence in Ashley, 1907

Out door scene around Ashley, 1908


Big Four Depot, Ostrander 

Ostrander High School - no date.

Blizzard near Marysville and Ostrander Rd. Indicates it is the farm and Home of Joe Gabriel.

Same location looking other direction.

Snow Storm, Ostrander 1907

Another shot of the snow, 1907


Galena, Ohio postmarked 1910

Presbyterian Church, Berlin, Ohio postmarked 1909


Delaware Dam, and Army Corp of Engineers project.


O'Shaughnessy Dam, completed in 1925, it flooded a large area north of its location.


Thanks to Louis Robinson Foster, who has substantial roots in Delaware, the location of this site is now known. It was built on the 400 acre site that his relatives, John and Elizabeth Robinson, settled in Concord Township in 1834, near Shawnee Hills. This specific structure has been underwater since O'Shaughnessy Reservoir was  flooded.


Another view of the Robinson home. 


Located just south of Stratford off of Rt. 23. The Methodist Theological School of Ohio was established in 1956 and was constructed on a grant of land from Ohio Wesleyan University (a Methodist affiliated school.) The first classes began in 1960, the school now works close with two other Central Ohio seminaries and makes up 1/3rd of the Theological Consortium of Greater Columbus.


Another view of part of Methesco's campus.



Pretty much says it all!

Chamber's Bridge, the County's only covered bridge located in Porter Township near Olive Green. For more information on Eastern Delaware County (Berkshire, Genoa, Harlem, Kingston, Porter, and Trenton townships as well as Villages of Galena and Sunbury) go here.


Sulphur Springs in Prospect.


Lutheran Church, Prospect.


New School Building at Girls Industrial School, Rathbone, Ohio. Located on the west side of the Scioto near Home Rd. 


Covered Bridge by the Girls Industrial Schoool, Rathbone Ohio.


"Cottage" number 8 at Girls Industrial Home.

More of the Campus

On site hospital at the Girl Industrial Home



Federal Cattle Range provided meat for Ohio's needy, perhaps near the site of USDA labs?


Famous cowboy Texas Jack Brooks on the range in Delaware! 


Sell labs. some sort of agri research center? Possible that this photo was only developed by Sell Labs.


Another view from Sell Labs. Does anyone out there have any history of this place? Possible that this photo was only developed by Sell Labs. 

Lovers Retreat Bokes Creek, Magnetic Springs Ohio

While not it Delaware County this is an interesting postcard showing cyclone (tornado) damage to the meeting hall in Cardington, 1918. Many Delaware residents will remember the tornado that struck Cardington years later in 1981.