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Downtown Delaware will always have a place in my heart, having grown up playing on the sidewalks after middle school, buying candy at Brads and the News Shop, working at the same, our family having a business that has always resided downtown, enjoying films at the Strand, drinks at the "Stretch", food at the "Jug", breakfast sandwiches from the Westend or Hamburger Inn, downtown is core and heart of Delaware, no mater how far the town expands outwards. 

A comedic turn of the century postcard that was certainly used by hundreds of towns.

Looking over town from roughly S. Franklin on the present day site of Hamilton Williams Center.  


Similar View obviously shot at nearly the same time.  


Another view from St. Paul's probably shot at the same time. 


Before the automobile, looking South on Sandusky. 


From further north on Sandusky St.

Looking North from the South end of Downtown.


Advertising for the Pumpkin Show

Looking North on Sandusky, note that "The Bank" building is not yet built.


Early 20th Century, seemingly shot from the tower of the old town hall / opera house.


Automobiles come to Delaware. Winter St. and Sandusky looking south. 


Sandusky and Winter St. looking north.


From the old post office looking north, apparently shot in the mid 30s as there is no new or old city hall building present. 


Buns arch present even in this early photo.  


Classic shot from the 30s or 40s.

Super rare detailed photo of a Columbus, Delaware, & Marion Interurban dining car - from the looks of the building it was taken at the main terminus in Columbus, 1906



Sandusky St. looking north. Interurban rail car pictured - used to run from Marion to Columbus.  


Another fantastic view of an Interurban car, latter model here, showing the station that is barely visible in the previous postcard.

Another view of the Interurban Station, seems to be a bit more recent.

Interurban number 500 - taken from original negative.

Interurban 501 on Sandusky St. near the station at the intersection of William St.
This car was known as the Red Bird, the motor man in the photo is Velorus Edgar Bush, the car resided at the Ohio Railway Museum after the CD&M ceased to exist.


Sandusky and Winter St. looking south west with a view of an Interurban car to the left. This building is commonly known as the "bank" immediately to the south is the building that now houses our family business, Bargar Jewelry.

I know its not Delaware, but I couldn't resist, Columbus in full Art Deco glory.