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 My family's history with OWU now extends 60 years, my great uncle attended in the 50s, mother and uncle in the 70s and 80s, cousins in the 90s and 00s, and myself working and learning in the mid-90s. Undeniably, since its founding in 1842, OWU has had as much of an impact on Delaware over its history as Delaware has had on it and its students.

Possibly the most famous Delaware landmark, officially known as University Hall, commonly referred to as Gray Chapel.




Gray Chapel, in the early 20th Century (not sure why it says 1995 - perhaps a catalog number for the card).

A similar image from 1907, also showing the Balcony as well as the famous pipe organ, in the 1100 seat hall. 



The walk to University hall, the old City Hall (opera house) visible in the distance.



Cadets on Parade at OWU c.1908-1910

Baseball game at OWU c. 1923

Freshman and Sophomore Rush 1907

A state of the art Gymnasium 100 years ago, still an impressive building.


View from the north, interestingly it shows the cost of construction at $85,000.


The interior of Edwards Gym 1906 or 1907.

Great exterior of Edwards Gym.

Looking towards Edwards and the Sandusky St. entrance.


Bridge over Delaware Run, apparently looking east, I suspect from just off Sandusky St.

 Spring St. Entrance to OWU


The walk to the Sulphur Springs, near the site of the famous OSU vs OWU football match. 



A gathering of students or tourist at the Sulphur Springs.


Sulphur Springs with Saint Mary's in the background. The springs being one of the main reasons for heavy settlement in Delaware.

Another fine day at the Sulphur springs.
Nearly Dry.

Del Run c. 1905

Looking back towards Elliot Hall.

Looking towards St. Mary's


Selby field, site of sports matches, rock concerts (Jethro Tull amongst others,) and fireworks celebrations for the 4th of July.


Another view of Selby.

On of my favorite shots, 1910 or earlier, of interest is all the industrial activity in the background.

Original tobacco card made by Murad

Elliot hall, the oldest building on campus. Curious building behind it no longer exists


Merrick Hall, one of the oldest buildings on OWU campus. 


Great view looking west from the sulphur springs towards Merrick and University Halls.



Bird's Eye  view from old St. Paul's Church of the area that became the Jay Walk.



One of OWU's most impressive buildings, sadly no longer here. 


At the north end of Winter Street a beautiful garden replaced Monnett Hall.


The south entrance to Monnett Hall.

Northern end of Monnett.

Deans Residence at Monnett - north end looking west.

Another view from the north east end of the building, curious hand colored switch up.

Winter St entrance to Monnett Hall (now gardens).


The view from the veranda shown above - onto what is now Monnett Gardens. 

This following is a small series of photos from Buckeye Boy's State 1948, all pictures are in front of Monnett Hall.


Just south of Monnett Hall, Sanborn Music Hall still stands and provides a home for OWU's department of Music. 



The old student union building on Sandusky St, now the Woltemade Center for Economics.

The old presidents residence.

Another view of OWU's presidents home.


Dept of German and home of Professor Davies. 


Apparently a location for charitable endevours in the past, now an OWU SLU. 


At the time Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, now an OWU SLU.

Phi Psi house 1922


Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. 

Slightly different view of the same place as above.

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.

delta tau owu delaware ohio
Delta Tau House

Art Hall OWU, now the Arts Castle.

Immediately south of University Hall, originally the main library for OWU. 


Another view of Slocum.

At the time known as College library, inside Slocum Hall.


Looking north with Sturges Hall, Slocum Hall, and University Hall pictured.


Alumni procession across campus. 1908


Looking up from the bank of the Olentangy at what was once one of the leading observatories in the US. 


Close up of Perkins, immediate behind this is the site of Big Ear (and a great sledding hill!) 


Probably shot on the same day as the next card. 


Grand entrance to Perkins Observatory. 


OWU observatory on William St. - please note the disparaging comments about Delaware on this one!


I think that this is one of the single most interesting postcards of Delaware, total early 20th century Sci-Fi look. Perkins reflector (telescope) that I think originally resided at the William St Observatory then was moved to Perkins, and eventually to the Southwest. 


Curious castle like architecture. 


Chi Phi Fraternity House

Phillips Hall.


Beeghly Library, completed in 1966 and still serves at OWU's main Library. 


Mid Century Modern defines Beeghly Library's interior. 


What lovely carpet! 


Bashford and Thompson Residence Halls.


"Williams Campus" more commonly known as Fraternity Row. Sigma Chi,

Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Psi, 

Beta Theta Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Tau Delta are indicated on the 

back of the card. Sty in the background! 


Austin Hall.

Contemporary view of Littick Field