Outdoor Delaware Ohio

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Since Delaware was founded its natural assets have been recognized, whether for the commercial interests or pure recreation, the beauty of Delaware is subtle but grand.  

The Olentangy, my guess is that this is across from where the water works are now. 


Must be mid August considering how dry the river is. A bit different looking with out Rt 23!


Check dam on the Olentangy. 




The Olentangy near Mount Gilead.

The most fun and dangerous place to play in Delaware during the second half of the 20th Century. Eckle's Lake.


Here comes the train round the bend. Before the 1913 flood.

Another view of the Big Four Bridge.


Greenwood Lake


Banks of Greenwood Lake


Greenwood Lake's boat house


Another view of the lake.


A softer version of the above card, this printed on linen, the above on paper. 


Night view of the lake.


What seems to be a slightly less romantic view of the lake.

greenwood lake delaware ohio
Same image of the lake as above, black and white version postmarked 1910

A bit of an odd view of the lake - the canoe must be drawn in.

 Geese on the lake.

greenwood lake delaware ohio



Located at Park Ave. and Liberty, where the fire department and park are located - the fountain is where the water tower is. Thanks to Chris Wallace for the additional information on this one!

A somewhat spookier view of the park, appears to be date 1901 or 1911.


I think that this is the stairs leading to the Shanklin house oun West Central Ave. 



Path near where Monnett Hall was, I'm guessing that this is roughly the path on the Northside of the Delaware Run through Blue Limestone Park.  


Oak Grove Cemetery.


I can find no record of this site, does anyone have any ideas? 

I'm sure its not the falls on Stratford nor the ones at the back of camp Lazarus.




Odevene Sprinds were located appx. 1 block from the, then, Hotel Blee located at E. Winter and N. Union St. 

OK, The next two aren't Delaware at all but favorite place to visit  - hope you have been there too!